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February 5th-9th

Hello All,

This week has been like no other. I have missed three days of work in one week which is a first for me. Any confusion around assignments and due dates can be answered through viewing the “am&pm block” page, or by emailing me. Unfortunately, Bella fractured her collarbone Thursday evening. This required me to miss school Friday. I’ll be checking my email Monday morning. Please know that we can discuss any questions that may arise due to my absence this week. If you’re feeling any stress about assignments and due dates, we can always find a solution.

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Medieval Studies for the Fall

Hello Students and Families,

We are ending our work on the fall of Rome and moving into Medieval Europe. Students are taking a quiz on Wednesday, September 20. Please remember that students can retake any test/quiz that they aren’t happy with. We will be starting our storyline unit on Medieval Europe after midterms. This unit is meant to help students immerse themselves in the daily life of a peasant. As a class we create a village, castles, and individual characters. Students work on note taking skills, imaginative writing, and cooperation with others. This is a project based unit so expect art, writing, and creative design to prove understanding.

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Fall 2017

Welcome to 7th grade and thanks for visiting the class website. Assignments and test dates are probably the most important information on this site. Remember to tell me about great books you’ve read so I can add them to our book list. September 6th is the family BBQ and September 13th is Back to School Night. I hope to see you all there.

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Upon Our Return

It’s difficult to come back to school after a break. There are parts of it that are so much fun and parts of school that aren’t the most exciting. One thing that helps me prepare for getting back to my school routine is knowing what to expect. This post is meant to remind everyone where we’ll be picking up our studies next week.

Our interpretive paper still awaits us. The snow storm forced us to end the 2016 school year right in the middle of our paper. Come to school Tuesday, January 3rd with a completed rough draft. We will be editing and typing that week. Don’t forget your student copy of both short stories we read in class.

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Get to Know Your Class Website

This Website is created with the intent to help each student in the class. You can visit this site to find information about assignments, connect with classmates, and read class blogs. Make sure to bookmark this site for easy reference. Don’t forget to let me know about ways to make our class website more helpful for you. Can’t find something you need? Talk to me and let’s see how I can help you.